Hurry! 20 Avast Internet Security Licenses Up For Grab in 3ptechies Giveaway

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3rd Planet Techies has just launched a completely free giveaway promotion that promises to give away twenty (20) Avast Internet Security license code to its technology website readers.

The free giveaway exercise is opened to all 3rd Planet Techies blog readers and anyone that joins the sweepstake via the campaign’s page (i.e., – everyone is allowed to participate in the giveaway). The campaign is set to run from now until the 5th of next month, and all winners would be contacted via the email address they provide.

In his remark, Obasi Miracle, a 3rd Planet Techies Editor said that this is one of the several ways they announce a full commitment to helping combat the spread of ransomware and malicious security threats adding that

While this is an extremely massive internet security software giveaway, it isn’t the first one from 3rd Planet Techies. The only difference is that – it is going to be the most transparent internet security software giveaway ever!

He further revealed a lot about internet safety, online privacy, internet security software, and apps have been written and published on 3rd Planet Techies blog. One of their trending publication on internet security is the research and infographic on Ransomware plus tips for fighting malicious cyber threats.

3ptechies choice to go with Avast Internet Security is not unconnected with the robustness of Avast Internet Security and its ability to use Artificial Intelligence (AI), pro-privacy tools, and malware detection technology to combat every form of viruses, malware, and internet security threats.

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Going forward, 3ptechies has promised to employ other aggressive methods to lecture the internet community on how to stay protected from malicious schemes, harmful tools, internet threats, infected programs, and other forms of harmful program/codes.

While the security software giveaway campaign is still on, anyone who is interested in getting a free Internet Security license can visit the freebie section of 3P Technology blog to get a copy of Avast Internet Security software free.

About 3rd Planet Techies

3rd Planet Techies is a modern technology website that’s experienced in business tech, online safety, security systems, digital marketing, IT systems, Tech support, and consumer electronics.

Their technology blog covers unique ideas and technical publications on mobile gadgets, consumer electronics, online privacy software, DIY tutorials, reviews, marketing, etc.

They offer online services such as website setup, server management, online product development, web content auditing, and search engine optimization.

About Avast Internet Security Software

Avast internet security is a premium software that uses machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), location, privacy tools, and malware detection technology to make sure that your computer and mobile devices are protected at all times.

It is renowned for its high-detection capability, advanced protection against PC viruses, dangerous/phishing websites, and every form of mobile/PC threats.



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